Steps To Take Before Arriving At An Emergency Dental Care Service In Calgary

If you have a dental emergency after regular office hours or on the weekend, it’s good to know that you can contact an Emergency Dental Care Service Ferndale WA area dentist. Below you’ll learn about the most common types of dental emergencies and what you should do before you arrive at the clinic.


If you’ve been hit in the mouth, this can cause a tooth to become loose or knocked out. If your tooth is knocked loose and it’s bleeding, place a piece of moistened gauze or a wash cloth on your bleeding gums. Hold gentle pressure against your gums, but don’t press the cloth against your tooth as this could loosen the tooth even more. If your tooth is knocked completely out of the socket, rinse any debris off the tooth by running it under warm water. If at all possible, don’t touch the root of the tooth with your hands. Pour milk or water into a small container and place the tooth into the liquid. The liquid will keep the root of your tooth moist until the dentist can put it back into the socket. Viste website for more info.


There are several reasons why your tooth can cause you to have severe pain. If you still have your wisdom teeth, they could be pushing against your back molars. If you have an infected or abscessed tooth, this is another painful condition. A filling that has come out of your tooth or the presence of tooth decay are other common reasons for a painful tooth. To help ease the pain until you can see an Emergency Dental Care Calgary area dentist, place a cold compress on the outside of your jaw in the location of your painful tooth. You can also take a pain relieving medication from the drugstore. If you have pain and swelling, mix a teaspoon of table salt in a glass of warm water and rinse out your mouth with this solution.

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