The Importance of Xrays (Radiographs) in Your Orthodontic Care

The first time you visit an orthodontist, he or she may request you have X-rays or radiographs. They take pictures of all your teeth, and are often necessary for the orthodontist to detect any issues with the growth and development of your child’s teeth. Here are three reasons they are so important:

Diagnosing Issues

Even if you think you, as the patient, may feel you know what the problem is, your orthodontist may need to take an X-ray, also known as a panoramic or 3D radiograph called a CBCT. If you are interested in orthodontics in Weston, FL, the orthodontist is going to look at your teeth from all angles. He or she will also look at your bones, skeleton, and jaw to see if you have any health concerns with growth or pathology that may require deeper investigation. The x-ray will aid your dentist or orthodontist in an appropriate diagnosis so they can help provide further care or recommendations.

Treatment Plan Creation

The X-rays help the orthodontist to develop the best treatment plan for you. Some patients may respond to traditional braces, and some may respond better to plastic aligners. X-rays can helps the practitioner determine that.

Additional Issues

The X-rays can see additional problems that the naked eye cannot see. X-rays are not only recommended, but a source of vital information so that the orthodontist can get a full picture of how your teeth have grown and any underlying problems that may cause the treatment to be complicated. Once the orthodontist has this information, he or she can help you achieve the results you desire.

Now that you know how important it is for you to have X-rays done, you can schedule an appointment for an orthodontist or orthodontics in Weston, FL. The solution for getting your teeth straightened out is there. You just have to make it happen.

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