The method Of Dental root Canals In Keizer OR

When a person is suffering from severe tooth decay, often time, their best chance of saving the tooth is to have dental Root Canals Keizer OR. Most people cringe at the thought, however, the procedure is not as bad as most people think.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

There are a few ways that a dentist will determine whether you need to have dental Root Canals Keizer OR. These include:

     *     If you have severe toothaches when biting down

Sensitivity to very cold food or very hot food

Tooth discoloration

Gum tenderness

Pimples on gums that are persistent or reoccur

Problems on an x-ray during a regular dental visit

The Process

After your dentist has determined that you need to have dental Root Canals Keizer OR, you would have an x-ray. This will let the dentist see the shape of the root canals. An x-ray will also let the dentist know if there is an infection in the bone.

When you need a root canal, the nerve in the tooth is dead, and therefore, cannot feel any pain. In order to put you at ease, the dentist will use anesthesia.

When you are numb, an access hole will be drilled into the affected tooth. Through this hole, the dentist will remove all of the decayed tissue inside the tooth. It must be removed, so that the bacteria inside cannot multiply. All of the pulp and other debris will be removed through this hole as well. In order to get the canal completely clean, the dentist will use a root canal file to scrape the inside of the canal. After all of the unhealthy tissue, pulp, and debris have been removed, the dentist will wash the inside of the canal with water.

The next step in dental Root Canals Keizer OR, is to seal up the hole. If there is any sign of infection, an antibiotic will be injected into the canal, and a temporary seal will be used. You would then come back in a week to have the hole permanently sealed. If there is no sign of infection, a permanent seal would be used to close up the hole. Often times, a crown will be placed over the damaged tooth.

While the thought of having a root canal can be a scary one, it can be your only chance of saving a severely decayed tooth.