The Process of Being Fitted For a Denture Canton MI

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Dentists

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Many patients, after years of suffering with the myriad problems associated with missing teeth, choose dentures as a way to improve the appearance of their smile as well as dental function. Missing or damaged teeth are more than an aesthetic distraction. Lacking the ability to effectively chew different types of foods can lead to dietary limitations and poor nutrition. When they decide they need a Denture Canton MI patients generally begin the process by consulting with their general dentists.

A patient’s general dentist can perform the initial evaluation of the patient’s dental needs and perform the imaging and testing needed to begin the process. Often, before a patient can be fitted for dentures, existing teeth must be extracted. This process may be completed over multiple visits, or in a single office visit. Once extractions are completed and the patient’s mouth has healed, when preparing for a Denture Canton MI will have impressions taken and an evaluation of their gum, palate and bone structure completed.

After receiving a Denture Canton MI patients and others generally undergo a transition process. The will likely generate more saliva than usual for a period of time, as the mouth acclimates to having the denture in place. The patient’s dentist can help him or her find ways to manage this short-term inconvenience. In addition, the patient may experience a short-term change in speech as he or she learns how to move his or her tongue in the mouth with the denture in place. As time goes on, all of these issues will resolve, and the long-term benefits will definitely outweigh short-term inconveniences. Long term maintenance of a denture is relatively easy and most patients have no problems cleaning and securing their denture on a daily basis.

Patients should also keep in mind that additional fittings may be required after the denture has been delivered. Over time, the gum may shrink, bone density may change, or other structural changes to the mouth and jaw may require refitting. It is important that the patient maintain a relationship with his or her dentist so that these issues are resolved quickly. Having a denture can help a patient overcome insecurities associated with having missing teeth and can improve a patient’s overall appearance.

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