The steps involved in tooth implant surgery

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Dentistry

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Although not the quickest of dental procedures, implant dentistry in Montreal is quite straight forward. Over a period of time, often months, a multi-step process takes place, the last step of the process is the actual placing of the crown or false tooth. Before the process begins, it is important that the dentist spend time analyzing your mouths structure and determining whether your jaw can support the implant.

If the dentist finds that your jaw bone, as it stands, cannot hold the implant, it is possible in many cases to supplement the jaw bone with a graft. The bone for the graft can be taken from the patient or if that is not possible, cadaver bone can be purchased. If a bone graft is needed, this adds considerably to the overall time it will take to complete the operation.

If the jaw bone is in good condition, or when the graft is complete, the first step is to simulate a tooth root. The dentist will make an incision in the gum and drill into the jaw bone. Once the initial preparation of the jaw bone has been completed, the dentist will fix a titanium peg which looks very much like a screw. Once this artificial root has been fitted, the gum is stitched and for the next few months the jaw bone will grow around the implant until it is as stable as the original root.

During this process of ossifying the patient will be instructed to pay particular attention to the healing; eat soft foods and try to eat somewhere other than where the implant is located. It is very important the implant is not disturbed while the healing is happening. The dental surgeon who is responsible for the implant dentistry in Montreal will warn you that the first few days may be difficult but staying away from the implant site is extremely important.

Once the implant has taken hold and the jaw bone has grown around it, the implantation process can be completed. By this time the dentist will have opened the gum, placed a small cap on the top of the implant and taken an impression. The final visit to the dentist is to have the new tooth fastened to the implant. The result is a perfect tooth that looks and feels perfectly natural.

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