Things You Should Know about Teeth Whitening in Toronto

Teeth Whitening in Parlin is used as a way to brighten teeth that have been darkened over time due to various reasons. It is also used as a combination therapy with dentures and/or dental veneers to obtain magnificent aesthetic results. Dentists have adapted several technical improvements to whiten teeth with stable and lasting results, giving patients the smiles they always dreamed of. Thanks to dental whitening, your local Emergency Dentist can restore the natural hue of your teeth, something which may have been lost over time because of the consumption of tea, coffee, wine, tobacco, etc.

Bleaching with LED light

LED bleaching allows for whiter, attractive, rejuvenated, shiny teeth in a single session of 45 minutes. It is one of the techniques currently used in general and cosmetic dentistry and this is because the image of a person with dark or neglected teeth gives an appearance that is shameful in today’s society. Dentists use opalescence whitening products currently considered the best brands available in the market because of its excellent long-term results.

Whitening teeth at home

Home whitening involves the preparation of single splints that are adapted to the patient’s mouth. These are placed in the mouth overnight with whitening gel inside them. While there are plenty of home solutions to whiten teeth, experts recommend that this treatment should always be supervised by specialists. The importance of supervised home teeth whitening is essential, because the dentist should carry out a clinical examination of the patient’s health to rule out possible previous dental pathologies first.

Teeth whitening works by

Teeth Whitening Toronto is very simple. Dentists apply gels or peroxide to the teeth, which penetrate the tissues of the teeth and oxidize strong clinical pigment molecules into smaller colorless molecules. The desaturation process allows the yellow or darker tones to turn into lighter shades. If whitening is performed without checking the dental health first, it can affect oral health. This may result in, for example, hypersensitive teeth or worse. In recent years, dentists have noticed an increasing tendency of patients seeking treatments for whiter teeth. This has been driven by the effectiveness and speed of the results, but mainly because of the need to fit into society.

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