TMJ treatment – Try it at home

by | Nov 14, 2011 | Cosmetic Dentistry

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Natural is healthy. This is a line that has been drilled into us right from a very young age. No matter what the condition or disease is, ‘treat it naturally’ remains the popular mantra for many and it remains so for TMJ treatment as well.

What is TMJ treatment?

What is TMJ treatment all about you ask? TMJ is basically the temporomandibular joint syndrome that brings about pain and discomfort in the jaw joint. The joint joins the lower jaw or the mandible to the skull or temporal bone in front of the ear.

TMJ treatment thus includes solving the problems that arise due to this condition such as headaches, jaw clicking, jaw popping or the jaw getting locked in place, etc. This is where the ‘go natural’ mantra comes into play. TMJ treatment can be done at home without a lot of visits to your family doctor.

Why try TMJ treatment at home?

TMJ treatment can often begin from home itself by taking appropriate care. For many people, limiting the amount they talk or eat leads to an improvement in the symptoms and many vouch that this is the most common forms of TMJ treatment. In this type of TMJ treatment it makes sense to eat food that is soft and stay away from chewing gums and crunchy foodstuffs. When the pain appears for the first time, TMJ treatment at home would mean applying an ice pack to the pain-causing area; if the pain persists across several days, applying a warm compress also helps.

Yet another conservative TMJ treatment is to be fitted with a splint or bite plate. This helps to reduce the amount the person is suffering from TMJ clenches or grinds one’s teeth, effectively reducing the pressure exerted by the muscle.

TMJ treatment at home has benefited many and rather than pressing the panic button and rushing to the doctor, give it a shot at home. It may just work for you.

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