Toothache Pain? See an Emergency Dentist in Matawan

by | May 24, 2013 | Dental

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Even the most conscientious dental patient can have a dental emergency. A six-month check-up can’t prevent a car accident that knocks out three or four teeth. A tooth’s root can crack without any warning. While missing teeth or cracked roots are painful and perhaps ugly to look at, they can also endanger a person’s health. That’s the main reason that an Emergency Dentist Matawan will see patients like this as walk-in patients.

The root of a tooth goes far down into a person’s jaw bone. If it becomes infected, there is the possibility that it could enter the lymphatic system which runs near this area. This could lead to a very serious infection throughout the person’s body. The Emergency Dentist Matawan will probably prescribe an antibiotic. If possible they will wait until the medicine has had a chance to get the infection under control.

If the root has cracked, then the tooth will have to be extracted. While losing a tooth is a very upsetting experience for most people, they shouldn’t fear that it will be painful. Every Emergency Dentist Matawan has a many tools to prevent pain. The have very effective local anesthetics that numb a patient’s jaw thoroughly. They may feel some pressure, but their should not be any sharp pain. If the entire process is making them nervous, the dentist may use nitrous oxide or laughing gas to help them relax.

Once the gum area has healed from the tooth extraction, the dentist and patient can talk about filling the gap between the teeth caused by it. The most commonly used option these days is a dental implant. The dentist inserts a titanium implant into the patient’s jaw bone. Once that is secure, the dentist can place a porcelain crown over it. The result is so realistic, most people won’t realize that the person as a crown in their mouth.

Before the crown is designed, the patient should has a Teeth Whitening Dentist to whiten their teeth. That way the porcelain crown will match the teeth at their brightest. Once the crown is in place, the teeth surrounding it will be able to be no brighter than the crown.

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