Top Notch Children’s Dental Phoenixville Parents Depend On

The top notch Children’s Dental Phoenixville parents depend on involves specialized care and training. Pediatric dentists are sensitive to the needs of their young patients. They strive to make kids feel comfortable in the dental chair. Babies are often permitted to sit in a parent’s lap during the examination. The goal is to eliminate the fear of going to the dentist so kids develop lifelong good habits. Children are also taught the importance of brushing their teeth regularly and eating the right foods. For example, sweet treats should be minimized. Kids can snack on healthy choices such as low-fat yogurt and cheese that help build strong bones.

Typically children are encouraged to have their first dental visit right after their first birthday. The dentist checks the child’s baby teeth to make sure they are coming in properly and there are no signs of decay. The staff gets to know each patient to make them feel at ease during every visit. The dental staff strives to educate parents and children about the importance of taking proper care of primary teeth. The first set of teeth helps guide the growth of permanent teeth so they play a major role in optimum dental health. Usually a child’s permanent teeth start coming in by the time he or she reaches the age of 6. Kids will ultimately lose 20 primary teeth to make room for 32 permanent teeth. The final wisdom teeth come in when they are about 20 years old.

Regular dental visits and cleanings make a big difference but there is more to do for healthy teeth. Patients are taught the proper way to brush and floss their teeth. They are also given basic information about the right diet for a healthy smile. Kids are encouraged to eat fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy as well as protein foods. Sugary snacks should be limited and children need to brush after eating them. The best pediatric dentists also offer sedation dentistry if extensive dental work is required. Commonly referred to as sleep dentistry, sedation dentistry can make young patients feel more comfortable. The effective Children’s Dental Phoenixville parents rely on is just a phone call away. Schedule an appointment to get your children on the road to great dental health.