Understanding the Importance of Your Local Root Canal Specialist in Fargo, ND

When the word dentist surfaces during a typical conversation, many people immediately begin thinking about drilling, poking, prodding, and pain but it’s important to note that contemporary dental procedures are very straightforward, easy to facilitate, and almost entirely pain-free.

In this regard, let’s take a moment to review the most significant facts and figures regarding your local root canal specialist in Fargo, ND and describe how this knowledgeable, compassionate professional can help you keep your natural teeth without subjecting you to unreasonable discomfort.

Interesting Bits of Information You Probably Weren’t Aware of

In order to dispel the most common myths and misgivings about your neighborhood root canal specialist, we’ve compiled some of the most edifying information from the ADA and other renowned dental industry authorities:

  • There are anywhere from 35-50 million root canal procedures each year in the US.
  • Root canals have a 96% success rate and roughly 88% of patients experience absolutely no pain or aches during the process.
  • Your root canal specialist can complete the entire treatment in as little as one hour.
  • The procedure generally involves removing the infected pulp from an unhealthy tooth and then filling the resulting space with a highly durable crown or natural-looking porcelain material.

As such, the rise of safe and effective root canals has helped save millions of people from having to extract diseased teeth, not to mention the fact that this particular treatment option is also one of the most cost-effective procedures in the entire dental landscape.

Booking Your Root Canal Appointment

If you’re ready to partner with a trusted root canal specialist and finally rectify your oral issues, you can easily reserve a timeslot simply by visiting the webpage of a long-standing dental clinic in your vicinity.

With this notion in mind, feel free to contact Blake Ristvedt, DDS and his team for an affordable, personalized root canal treatment at your earliest convenience. A happier, healthier smile is finally within arm’s reach.