Various Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

A Cosmetic dentist Silverdale WA is a professional who undertakes the work of performing dental work on a person to improve the appearance of their teeth, bite or gum. The dentist therefore does not necessarily focus on improving the function but the appearance. Regardless of their training, experience, specialty and education in the field of dentistry, most dentists call themselves cosmetic dentists. This allows them to assist many patients who are looking to have a better smile and better teeth.

You need to know that these dentists are trained professionals with the relevant papers and qualifications to practice dentistry. A Cosmetic dentist Silverdale WA carries out a variety of dental procedure to his/her patients. These are such as:

* Whitening
This is known as bleaching and it is probably one of the most common dental procedures. This involves getting rid of the discoloration on teeth.

* Bonding
This involves the application of an enamel-like dental material on the surface of a tooth. This material is then shaped, hardened and polished. This usually helps in correcting chipped teeth.

* Dental bridges
These false teeth or pontics fill in spaces left by teeth that are missing by being fused between porcelain crowns. These are fixed bridges and therefore once cannot be removed like partial dentures.

* Gum lifts
This is a dental procedure by a cosmetic dentist in Silverdale, which seeks to raise and sculpt the line of the gum.

* Veneers
These are custom-made and ultra-thin laminates for bonding directly onto the teeth. These help in disguising discolored teeth and closing gaps.

* Reshaping of teeth
In this procedure, part of the enamel is removed to improve the tooth’s appearance. This usually helps in the correction of a small chip, changing the length of the tooth, the shape and even position of the teeth. This is a fast procedure with fast results.

If you are in need of any cosmetic dental procedures, you need to visit a Cosmetic Dentistry Chesterfield MO who will handle you with the expertise. He or she will first inspect your teeth to determine what dental procedure suits you best. They will therefore proceed to carry out the procedure you are comfortable with to ensure you get the results you desire. With the help of a cosmetic dentist Silverdale, you are guaranteed of having a great smile and great teeth too.