What An Orthodontist In Lombard Can Do For You

Most people don’t know that the tooth alignment and shape of your gums can determine how your facial features will be portrayed later in life, especially your smile. If your teeth are seated correctly and don’t overlap or protrude, your smile will be more beautiful or handsome, and your face will seem more symmetrical. Therefore, if your dentist starts to notice anything amiss, it’s highly important that you listen to them and schedule a visit with an orthodontist in Lombard.


Orthodontics are usually recommended for children and teens because that’s when the jaw grows and the teeth start to develop. Once you start losing primary teeth and replace them with permanent ones, your jaw starts to set in the way it will be as an adult. If for some reason, you have problems with crowding or overlaps, your dentist may recommend seeking treatment. It’s important that your dentist screens children early on to ensure that everything is coming along nicely.

Premature Loss

When children lose their baby teeth too early, it can lead to many problems. Likewise, when teens and adults lose permanent teeth, it can result in a variety of issues. An orthodontist in Lombard can help prevent premature loss of teeth so that you have a full mouth that is healthier.

Tooth Crowding

When your teeth are crooked, or they aren’t as straight as they should be, it’s called crowding. This leads to overlapped teeth, which can be tougher to keep clean. Likewise, it can put excess pressure on the jaw and cause severe mouth pain because there isn’t enough room for all the teeth. Likewise, there may be gaps in the gums where the crowded teeth should be but aren’t.

An orthodontist in Lombard can help you avoid certain mouth and tooth problems, including pain. Visit Oakbrook Orthodontics online at www.oakbrookortho.com/orthodontist-lombardnow to learn more.