What Can Cosmetic Dentistry in Bartonsville Offer You For Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth is something no person wants to have to deal with. This is especially true if the missing teeth are in the front of your smile. If you have had a cavity, injury or birth defect to cause your missing teeth, you may feel embarrassed and even ashamed to smile, talk or eat around others. This can make you feel extra sensitive about your appearance, making life more stressful. If you are missing teeth, there are options available to replace your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile. Through Cosmetic Dentistry in Bartonsville, you can have dental implants put into place, filling in the gaps the missing teeth left behind in your smile.

What Happens in Dental Implant Surgery?

Through the advances in Cosmetic Dentistry in Bartonsville, dental implant surgery is safer and less invasive than ever before. You will first be given anesthesia, to make sure you are fully comfortable during your surgery and do not experience any pain. Once you are under the effects of anesthesia, the dentist will begin the procedure of replacing your missing teeth with dental implants.

The first part of the procedure involves the implantation of a surgical steel anchor into each of the sockets missing teeth. The anchor is drilled down into the bone tissue of your jaw, where it will be accepted by your body and become a permanent part of it. These anchors are sutured into place and then you are sent home to heal.

The healing process is different for everyone. For the vast majority of people, it will take approximately three to four weeks for your gums to completely heal after the surgery. This ensures the anchors are fully seated and there are no issues with infection after the surgery. Once the dentist has checked to make sure you are healed, the artificial teeth will be put on the anchors, completing your procedure.

If you are missing teeth and want to learn more about how dental implants can improve your smile, contact Bartonsville Family Dental and schedule an appointment for a consultation today. They can assist you through every aspect of your dental health needs, protecting your smile and improving it.

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