What Does A Dental Clinic In Mankato, MN Offer?

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Dental Care

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In Minnesota, dental professionals perform a variety of services to eliminate damage and discoloration. The procedures restore the way the teeth look and their function. Dentists provide standard and cosmetic procedures that are beneficial for all patients. A dental clinic in Mankato MN offers comprehensive services for patients to maintain their oral health.

Comprehensive Examinations for All Patients

The dental professionals complete a comprehensive examination of all teeth. The dentist determines if there are any issues with any of the teeth or gums. X-rays are completed for a full evaluation of the roots and any underlying damage.

Complete Cleaning and Polishing

The hygienist completes cleaning and polishing for all teeth. The services eliminate tartar, plague, bacteria from the teeth and gums. If the patient has signs of periodontal disease, the dental professional recommends scaling and planing services. The procedures remove debris from gum pockets that are likely to form due to gum disease.

Simple Repairs and Corrections

Simple repairs and corrections eliminate breaks and cavities quickly. The conditions are painful for patients, and dentists take fast action to correct the damage. Any decay that is found in the tooth is drilled out before the repair is completed. The dentists use dental bonding for some damage and use an ultraviolet lamp to cure the resin and strengthen it. Composite resin fillings are used to correct cavities.

Cosmetic Choices for Improving the Smile

Cosmetic choices are used to improve the way the smile looks. The treatments include teeth whitening procedures and the installation of veneers to correct discoloration and stubborn stains. The whitening treatments are completed every six weeks to maintain maximum whiteness. The veneers are installed permanently on the front side of the tooth enamel and prevent further discoloration from happening.

In Minnesota, dental professionals perform comprehensive examinations for patients of all ages. The procedures include exams, cleanings, and polishing. The dentists complete repairs and corrections that restore the teeth and make them look better. Cosmetic procedures offer whitening services, veneers, and dental implantations. Patients who want to learn more about the services of a dental clinic in Mankato MN contact Mankato Family Dentistry for further details or an appointment now.

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