What Does A Pediatric Dentist Do?

If you have children in need of dental care, it is important that you take them, especially when they are young to a Pediatric Dentist. You may question why it is so important for children to be under the care of pediatric dentist? This is because just as children should have the care of a doctor to take care of their overall health, it is important to have their dental care provided by someone who knows the specifics of a growing child’s oral care issues. Someone who has specifically studied the development cycles of not only their dental health, but overall development and has learned child psychology in order to better manage a child’s fear of dentistry and behavior in general because for many children a dental clinic can be a very intimidating and scary place.

Pediatric dental clinics are designed with children in mind. By using colorful rooms, having toys and games designed to keep young minds and hands busy, they engage the attention of children and help reduce the fear of what is about to happen. Also- most of the treatment rooms are large enough that a parent can be present so that the child doesn’t feel anxious. The staff that works at pediatric clinics also will take the time to explain in very simple terms what exactly is being done to both the child and the parent. They also use engaging methods to make learning about good oral hygiene fun.

A pediatric dentist in Vernon CT is also well trained and highly experienced in treating the often traumatic mouth injuries that active children are prone to. They know how to care for teeth that have been displaced, fractured or knocked out completely due to an over active life style. They also know how to teach children and parents ways to prevent mouth injuries due to sports and other highly physical activities.

Since most children begin getting their baby teeth in within the first six months after birth, it is very important to begin oral exams as early as possible, generally by the time a child is one year old. This type of early dental care from a pediatric dentist in Vernon CT can help with risk assessment for dental cavities and possible gum disease. It can also be determined if a child needs fluoride treatments or not to help strengthen growing teeth.  The earlier dental treatment is begun, the easier it is to also assess other possible oral health risks such as misshaped teeth and jaw bones. Pediatric dentists can also make dietary and other health recommendations that are related to good oral health. Most general dental health care providers do not have the additional training to recognize the many possible oral health issues that growing children can be prone to. That is why it is most important that you seek the expert services of a pediatric dental clinic as soon as possible once your child’s baby teeth begin to show. Early care and prevention can save time, money and pain in the future.