What is preventative dentistry in Cedar Rapids IA?

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Dental

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Preventative dentistry in Cedar Rapids IA is a branch of dentistry which focuses on the prevention of tooth decay as well as the prevention of damage or disease which has a detrimental effect on the chewing process or mastication. The main tool used in preventative dentistry is good oral hygiene and dedicated maintenance procedures. There are three levels of preventative dentistry; primary, secondary and tertiary.

Excellent examples of primary dental care are the proper and conscientious use of brushing, flossing and mouth washes and rinses. There is not a society where dental care of some sort is not practiced, there are parts of the world where brushing to clean the teeth is being done with the frayed end of a fibrous stick, but even with this rudimentary approach, debris is removed, plaque is reduced and overall dental health is maintained through ridding the mouth of certain harmful bacteria.

Further preventative dentistry in Cedar Rapids IA is practiced by many municipalities that fluorinate their water supply. Fluoridation is the introduction of very small amounts of the chemical fluorine. Fluorinated water has been shown in ADA tests to reduce the incidence of tooth decay by an amazing 40%. Fluorination of water supplies in the US has been a standard practice in the US since the mid 1940s and today it is practiced in most developed areas in the world.

Any preventative dentistry must be coupled with regular and routine dental examinations and cleaning by a dental hygienist. Having your teeth cleaned professionally of plaque and tarter is one of the most effective ways to maintain excellent oral health. Plaque is the harmful build-up of bacteria and other microbial bodies that are the key cause of tooth decay as well as gum disease. Both tooth decay and gum disease can quickly lead to tooth loss.

Secondary preventative dentistry consists of remedial services such as the filling of cavities, the installation of crowns, root canals, etc. A common form of secondary preventative dentistry is the removal of the rear molars known as wisdom teeth which often become impacted. All of the secondary procedures are aimed at the prevention of future damage including infections or mouth diseases. Tertiary preventative care is the repair of broken dentures and bridgework.

Dr. Adrian Rehak, DDS of Mt Vernon Rd Dental is a great believer in preventative dentistry in Cedar Rapids IA that help people to prevent the beginning or progression of dental diseases.

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