What to Know About Professional Teeth Whitening in Baltimore City

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Cosmetic Dentistry

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Part of dental treatments can include treatments to help a person have a smile that is white and bright as possible. To have this, a person can use Professional Teeth Whitening in Baltimore City. This treatment enables a person to lighten teeth to a natural color or lighter. Before getting this procedure done, a patient should learn more about it. These details will provide more insight into teeth whitening.

There are three main types of tooth stains. Discoloration can occur to the outer layer of a tooth. This is called an extrinsic stain. Substances such as soft drinks, tea, wine, and cigarette smoke can contribute to splotches, streaks, and spots. An intrinsic stain occurs when the dentin, or inner layer, of a person’s tooth, is negatively affected. This can be caused by overexposure to fluoride or medications such as tetracycline.

Before using Professional Teeth Whitening in Baltimore City, a dentist will perform an examination of a person’s mouth. This includes the soft tissues, hard tissues, and teeth. The best candidate for tooth whitening is a person with unrestored teeth. Some diseases can disqualify a person from using tooth whitening. Some patients are allergic to the whitening agent in tooth whitening products. By talking to a patient, a dentist and patient can decide on the best course of action.

When a patient gets tooth whitening done in a dental office, it will usually be done by the dentist or the dental hygienist under the supervision of a dentist. A guard will be placed over a person’s gums. Next, a whitening agent such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide will be placed in two trays. These trays will be placed over the top and bottom rows of teeth. In some instances, a person may opt to only do the top or bottom row of teeth. A special light may be used to intensify the effects of the whitening agent. After, the whitening agent will be removed.

Office-based tooth whitening often has to be repeated to keep the same results. However, many people that use this treatment feel the benefits far outweigh this drawback. For more information on teeth whitening treatments, please click here to get more info on the website of Lawrence Chen DDS. This professional and his staff offer many treatments to help patients have healthier, beautified smiles.

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