When and Why You Need an Emergency Dentist Flemington

When you or your children need urgent dental treatment, a dentist should be ready to help. The Emergency Dentist Flemington you select must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many dentists charge you an arm and a leg for this, but there are a select few that do it for free because of their love for dentistry. These are the types of dentists you need to associate yourself with when choosing a dental professional. Here are a few questions you should keep in mind when looking for a dentist.

What should be done if my son/daughter suffers trauma to the face and/or mouth and one of their teeth is lost or broken?

Find the tooth, rinse it thoroughly with cold water while holding the crown (use only water). And, if possible, put the tooth back on the site formerly occupied (socket) and hold in place with a gauze or clean cloth. If you cannot do this, place the tooth safely in a container of milk and go to the dentist immediately. The sooner you do this, the better chance you have of saving it.

What happens if teeth are fractured after trauma?

Call your dentist as soon as you can, because quick actions can save teeth. It can also prevent infections and reduce the overall need for more extensive dental treatments. Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compresses to the area to reduce inflammation. If you can locate the tooth fragment, bring it along during the dental visit.

What if my son/daughter has a trauma to the jaw or a possible severe head injury?

You must immediately head to the ER. A blow to your head can be a serious issue in dental cases. In fact, it can be a life-threatening issue. These types of trauma should not be ignored, no matter the age.

Can dental emergencies be prevented?

Without a doubt! You can reduce the risk of oral trauma when some type of mouth guard is used, especially in a contact sport. Always use seat belts, as they can save your teeth (and your life). Protect yourself and your family from unnecessary toothaches by going to your local dentist for regular visits and preventive care. If you are experiencing any issues listed above, seek help from your local Emergency Dentist Flemington right away.

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