When Brushing is not enough to whiten your teeth

Studies show that anyone who consumes more than enough amounts of coffee and tea, has smoking habits, and does not maintain a good oral and dental routine is prone to obtaining food stains that can be difficult to remove by brushing alone. A growing number people are developing concerns for teeth discoloration and are looking for solutions to correct the problem.

Teeth Whitening is one of the most common services people need for a whiter and more attractive set of teeth. Some people prefer purchasing over-the-counter products that are very affordable, while others prefer using natural extracts from fruits such as strawberries. But the best way to achieve that natural and healthy-looking, whiter set of teeth is by having it done by a dentist.

Teeth Whitening in Lisle beats all other methods of teeth whitening because of one simple explanation. Most whitening kits have low-grade peroxide content which is not enough especially for people who are quite lazy to maintain a routine for effective results. In-clinic procedures make use of peroxide-based whitening gel and an ultraviolet lamp that helps speed up the bleaching process.

Most clinics nowadays prefer using ultraviolet lamps over laser lights. The ultraviolet lamp and laser light use the same amount of peroxide during the process but the bleaching process is milder for the hard surface of the teeth called the enamel. A layer of dental blocks are placed over the gums to protect it from bleaching agent and UV light. During the process, the chemical breaks down into oxygen and water. The oxygen is absorbed into the enamel and acts as the stain-removal agent. Laser teeth whitening treatments use non-acidic gels that contain Rhodium B in replacement of hydrogen peroxide and uses green laser light instead of blue laser light. Too much acid can dry up the enamel. It is better to use products that produce lesser acids.

When opting for a teeth whitening service in Lisle, everything depends on the patient’s dental problem, budget, the availability of the service they need at a certain clinic, and the professional treatment from the dentist. Most dentists prefer the use of the UV bleaching method for surfaces significant on the enamel and discoloration caused by plaque. While dentists are well aware that habits cannot be easily stopped like coffee-drinking and smoking, they would advice the patient to use a do-it-yourself home whitening treatment as part of a hygienic dental routine.

Discipline is important to make to make every procedure and method effective and efficient enough to produce positive results. A patient must be able to adhere to the dentist’s instructions. Dentists will let patients know and understand the consequences of not following their prescriptions and instructions properly. If you want to get the best results, see your dentist today and get the assistance you need.

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