When It’s Time To Consider Dental Implants Or Dentures In Ahwatukee, AZ

by | Jul 1, 2013 | Dental Care

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As we age, it is not uncommon to find that teeth are failing for various reasons. Of course, good dental hygiene is the best hedge against tooth loss or damage, but even people who take care of their teeth can run into problems. When these occur, there are some options, such as Dentures Ahwatukee AZ or Dental Implants Ahwatukee AZ that can replace failing teeth.

Here are some signs that teeth replacement may be in your near future:

1. One or more teeth have already been lost or removed.

2. Eating, chewing or speaking is more difficult due to problems with teeth.

3. Teeth are mobile, or loose.

4. There has been a diagnosis of advanced gum disease.

5. Self-confidence is lacking due to unsightly teeth, spaces between teeth or missing teeth.

6. There are recurring problems with existing bridges or crowns.

Once teeth begin to fail, changes can happen very quickly. When a tooth is lost, the teeth surrounding it may shift, becoming crooked or rotated. This can affect a healthy bite, making it impossible to chew food properly, which, in turn, can cause issues with digestion and pose a choking hazard. Missing teeth can impact speech, making proper pronunciation difficult. Gaps where teeth are missing can cause embarrassment and a lack of confidence, causing many people to hide their smile or cover their mouths when speaking.

It is important not to fear getting dentures, partials or dental implants. While there is some adjustment time needed, and dentures or implants will need special care, the benefits of replacing teeth can be a very positive change.

Adjustment issues include getting used to the feel of the dentures or implants, initial trouble eating or speaking normally, soreness, and dry mouth. All of these issues tend to resolve in a very short time, and the benefits far outweigh them. Such benefits as the ability to eat a wider range of foods, speaking normally again when failing teeth had perhaps hampered speech, preventing skin sagging around the mouth and jaw, and being able to smile with confidence are often reported by people who acquire Dentures Ahwatukee AZ or Dental Implants Ahwatukee AZ. It is well worth exploring the options for replacing teeth when failing teeth are causing cosmetic and/or oral health problems.


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