When to Think About Replacing Partial Dentures in Queens, NY

Dentures are a convenient and inexpensive way for patients with missing teeth to regain their ability to chew, speak, and smile with pride. These prosthetic devices are usually intended as a permanent solution, but that doesn’t mean they can last forever. While people’s facial structures change as they age, dentures are created from a rigid material and are unable to adapt to these changes. Most professionals recommend an evaluation every five years to determine whether or not replacing partial dentures in Queens NY is necessary. That doesn’t mean dental patients should have to wait if they have pressing concerns. Below are just a few other reasons that patients sometimes choose to have their prosthetic devices replaced earlier.

Sore Gums

If the gums are becoming irritated or just feeling sore when partial dentures are inserted it can lead to patients failing to use their devices. A partial denture that spends most of its time in its carrying case or, worse, in a patient’s pocket is no good to anyone. Consider being fitted for a new set of dentures or consulting with a professional to discuss other options.

Problems Chewing

Partial dentures should allow their wearers to eat most foods. Adequate chewing is essential to healthy digestion, which is often a motivating factor in being fitted for dentures to begin with. If a patient is having trouble chewing foods that were not posing a challenge when the dentures were new it might be time to consider replacing them.

Discoloration and Odor

Removable dentures should be washed and cared for on a daily basis. When they are not they can become susceptible to bacteria. If a denture is giving off an unpleasant odor or has become discolored through use or lack of maintenance it may need to be replaced.

Loose Dentures

It can be embarrassing when patients open their mouths to speak, or even to laugh, and find that their partial dentures fall right out. In addition to potentially causing a scene if this happens often it may indicate a poor fit. Those facing repeated problems with even new dentures may want to inquire about mini implants and other practical solutions.

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