When Your Teeth Chip or Break It’s Time for an Emergency Dentist in Aurora

Your teeth are important and even the slightest accident can cause a problem with your bite or smile, not to mention a bit of pain. For instance, banging your tooth on something hard, biting on the wrong foods or suddenly clamping your jaws shut can cause a chip on a soft or brittle edge of a tooth. If left untreated this type of damage can lead to cavities and possibly the loss of the tooth. Fortunately, there are many dental offices like Aberdeen Family Dental that offer quick access to an Emergency Dentist in Parlin. An emergency dentist can repair the chip and make your smile look wonderful once again.

Another emergency situation is a cavity that has become infected. Although this problem can be easily avoided by seeing your dentist before the cavity gets too far, some people have a strong enough fear of visiting a dentist’s office that they wait until they need an Emergency Dentist North Side Edmonton. This can be a dangerous situation if an infection set is. Infections can cause serious complications including infection in the bloodstream and heart problems. In most cases like these the best the dentist can do is start you on an antibiotic to reduce the infection and swelling before beginning proper dental procedures.

In some cases the cavity may have gotten to the point where the tooth must be pulled. This is the perfect time to discuss Dental Implants with your favorite dentist. A dental implant is a working replacement for missing teeth. It basically consists of an inert material like titanium used as a securing stud. The stud is placed in the jaw and allowed to heal then the dentist will form a crown to place on the stud. Dental implants are useful when one or two teeth are missing, but the dentist can also use the implant technology for holding bridges and dentures in place. In fact, implants can make your dentures and bridges more comfortable to wear.

Failed, loose or broken dental bridges are another reason to visit an Emergency Dentist in Parlin. Chipped or cracked dentures make it difficult to chew properly which in turn makes digesting your food a little harder. Of course, it may take a little longer than one visit to fix your dentures or bridge work, but getting to the dentist is the first step.