Who’s a Good Candidate for Dental Implants? Manchester CT Dentist

Dental implants are an excellent solution for individuals with good oral hygiene who have one or more missing teeth caused by periodontal disease or from an injury. Candidates must also possess enough bone and healthy gum tissue to properly support the implants. Since dental implants don’t rely on surrounding teeth for support, they are generally recommended for those who desire an alternative to bridgework. If you’re interested in dental implants, Manchester CT dental professionals can provide an evaluation to check your oral healthcare and determine if you’re an ideal candidate for implants. There are a few things a good candidate should have.

A Good Candidate
There are a few basic requirements for individuals looking to get one or more dental implants. These include healthy gums and enough bone along the jaw to properly anchor the implants. For those who have bone loss, the bone must first be rebuilt through a series of procedures before implants are an option. If you decide on dental implants, it’s important to commit to daily brushing and flossing. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis is also vital for healthy teeth.

A Poor Candidate
Some individuals may not be good candidates for dental implants. These generally include younger individuals who have jaw bones that are not yet done forming. Also, pregnant women and heavy smokers may not make good candidates. Smoking reduces the likelihood of a successful implant. Those who have received high doses of radiation treatment to the neck or head, as well as those with certain chronic diseases, such as uncontrolled diabetes, should not undergo implant surgery. Consult with your dentist about your current health problems to determine whether or not you would make a suitable candidate for implants.

Implant Evaluation

If you are interested in getting dental implants Manchester CT area, dentists can make you an appointment to be evaluated. During the initial evaluation, your dentist will examine your teeth and mouth and review your medical history. You may require an X-ray or CT scan to obtain more information about your jaw bone, its shape and the surrounding sinuses and nerves.

A Team Effort
Dental implant surgery requires a team effort, typically an oral surgeon and a dental specialist, to place the implants. A restorative dentist will then create the dentures, crowns or bridges that the dental implants will support. Your dentist will then discuss the process of implant surgery and work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits both your needs and budget.