Why Patients Should Consider Using a Cosmetic Dentist in Birmingham?

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Cosmetic Dentistry

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It is entirely possible for patients in Birmingham to never get cosmetic procedures performed at the dental office. Good dental health does not require a smile that looks perfect. However, there are other benefits to getting services from a cosmetic dentist in Birmingham. For example, a great looking smile can be an important factor in some jobs such as fashion modeling and sales. Those who are bothered by the look of a flawed smile will gain a lot of confidence after getting cosmetic procedures performed to correct the smile.

With cosmetic dentistry, it is possible to restore a smile so that it looks normal. The procedure needed will depend on what is causing the flawed smile. For example, those that have stained teeth will need to get teeth whitening. Those who have wrinkles on their face may need dermal fillers. There are many dermal fillers to choose from. Patients that have a missing tooth may need either dental implants or a bridge. Because there are multiple treatment options for many cosmetic dental problems, it is important for the patient to be aware of all choices and look at the benefits of each choice prior to deciding on the course of treatment.

One possible reason some patients choose not to get cosmetic dentistry is due to cost. It is true that most dental insurance policies will not pay for cosmetic procedures. However, it may be possible to get insurance reimbursement if a procedure happens to be medically necessary as well. If insurance will not pay, patients can choose to finance their treatment via their own credit cards. There are finance companies and other lenders that are willing to allow patients to borrow at interest rates that may be cheaper than credit cards. Most dental offices have information on alternative forms of finance.

The best thing to do when deciding whether or not to get a cosmetic procedure performed is to meet Dr. Anglin and Dr. Nelson for a free initial consultation. They can advise patients on the risks, benefits, and cost of the procedure being contemplated. After the initial consultation, the patient can decide whether or not to proceed with cosmetic dentistry with the cosmetic dentist in Birmingham.




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