Why Should You Choose a Family Dentist Des Moines Dental Group?

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Dental Services

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In today’s world people are busier than ever before. This leads people to often neglect their health, especially their oral health. While most everyone knows they should see their dentist regularly, dental appointments often get put off because of busy schedules. This is especially true when your family members are being seen at different dental offices because of their ages or dental needs. Instead of running to different offices, for different appointments, it can be beneficial to have your entire family seen at a Family Dentist Des Moines Dental Group.

Not only can your entire family, including your young children, be seen at these dental offices, but you can also have many different treatment options that will prevent you from having to drive from office to office, to receive your specialized dental care. This makes it less stressful on your entire family because you are all able to be seen under one roof, each receiving the personalized attention and care that you need.

Services Offered By the Family Dentist Des Moines Dental Group

Preventative dental care (cleanings, examinations, X-rays)

Fillings and extractions

Cosmetic dentistry (whitening and dental implants)

Root canals

Dentures and partials



Gum disease and infection treatments

Along with all of your family members being under one roof, you can also rest assured your dentist can provide most any dental procedure you need to have done. This makes families feel at ease because they form a relationship with the dental staff and know exactly who is providing their dental care. Family denists can provide care from the youngest children to seniors. With specialized care for children, your family will not have to worry about younger ones feeling out of place in a dental office with adults.

It is important for your entire family to be seen by the Family Dentist Des Moines Dental Group at least twice a year. For those suffering with certain oral health concerns, you may need to be seen more often. If your family is in need of dental services, contact The Des Moines Dental Group and make an appointment today. Taking care of your teeth is now easier than ever before.


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