Your Filling Fell Out? Here’s What to Do

You’re munching on your favorite snack. You notice that something about one of your teeth doesn’t feel right. You take a look at the tooth in the mirror and see that a piece (or all) of your filling fell out. What should you do?

Don’t panic! Your filling can be fixed.
It’s normal for people to feel nervous when a filling falls out. When dealing with this situation, the mind begins to ask all types of questions.

Can the filling be replaced?
Will your tooth require a root canal?
Does the tooth need to be extracted?

Take control of these thoughts by taking action. It won’t help your situation if your mind is worrying about what could happen.

Call Gateshead Dental.
Whether you’re in pain or your tooth feels normal, contact a dentist immediately. Your goal should be to get a tooth filling Hamilton or another procedure as soon as possible.

If you neglect to get treated, a few things could happen. Your tooth can become sensitive to cold, hot and sweet foods. The tooth could get decayed to the point that a root canal is required. You may experience foul breath. Your tooth may crack, weaken or break.

Monitor the types of food you eat until your problem has been resolved.
When you have a missing filling, it’s not the time to eat hard foods that can cause further damage to your tooth. Avoid foods such as popcorn kernels, candy (hard and soft), nuts and chewing gum. In fact, you should try to refrain from eating with the damaged tooth.

Need a tooth filling Hamilton procedure? Don’t let this common tooth problem go untreated. Contact Gateshead Dental to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled dentists.