3 Factors to Finding a New and Excellent Dentist

Did your old dentist just retire? If so, then you’re back on the field, looking for a new one. If you’re having a tough time finding a replacement, here are a few questions from Stephens Dentistry to help you pull out the best picks from the pile faster:

1. Location. If you live in Novi, then it stands to reason you’ll find it more convenient to hire a dentist In Evanston, IL who’s practicing in the same area. That way, you won’t have too many missed appointments to worry about. The ideal travel time between 30 minutes to an hour maximum. If the location is a bit out of the way and the drives takes more than an hour, you may want to look into working with someone who’s closer to home. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting too much of your time going to and from the dental office, which can become quickly tiresome.

2. Work hours. Is the dental clinic open on weekends? Is the doctor flexible enough to accommodate last minute appointments, especially when you’ve got an emergency? For example, if you have a chipped tooth, sudden toothache, bleeding or any other dental problem you need help with, it’s important than the doctor is available. Being told you’ll have to wait until official dental hours isn’t very accommodating and sends the message that you can’t count on your doctor for emergencies. This is why it’s better to find someone flexible and reliable.

3. Specialty. It’s already a given that you’ll need to ask about qualifications, certifications, education, and training. However, don’t also forget to specifically ask about his field of specialization. If you require cosmetic dental procedures, you’ll need to find out if he’s capable of performing them. If not, you’ll need to consult another dental professional. It’s better if you can have the same person to look out for you, since continuity in treatment is a valuable thing. After all, if he already knows your medical history, that will come in handy throughout the treatments. For instance, he’ll know if you’re allergic to certain medicines or respond better to particular technologies. This way, you won’t have to waste time on learning these things and finding better ways to treat you. This is especially ideal if you’ve got special health conditions that require dedicated medical attention.

Aside from these three factors, don’t forget to ask about fees and payment plans for your treatment. How much of the cost will your insurance cover? What’s the clinic’s policy on insurance coverage? With these questions, you’re sure to find your new dentist much sooner, rather than later.