Critical Facts About Tooth Implant Surgery in Westcliffe

Thanks to dental innovation in recent years, certain treatments have made a remarkable leap. This is the case of cosmetic dentistry, with porcelain veneers, lingual braces and Invisalign, among many others. However, dental implantology has caused a major revolution. Patients can now replace missing teeth in a minimally invasive, effective and natural way. These small titanium parts are placed within the bone as an artificial substitute for the natural tooth root. After completing the osseointegration part of the process, aesthetic restorations are placed on the implants.

The binding capacity of titanium and jawbone allows dentists to replace one or more missing teeth. The truth, after conducting extensive research over the years, is that dentists have managed to turn implantology into a safe and reliable method, already used by millions of people worldwide. What are the main characteristics of dental implants? What makes them so highly regarded among dentists and patients?

Biocompatibility: The materials from which the implant is made, titanium or zirconium, have the ability to adapt and be accepted by the patient’s body. They are biocompatible and, in most cases, have allowed a minimal percentage of rejects.

Osseointegration: Besides being biocompatible, implants exhibit affinity for bone biomechanics.

Prosthesis: This is a small piece that entirely replaces one or more missing teeth. The material selected may be metal, ceramic, zirconium, etc.

Pillar: Is the element on which the prosthesis will adjust and, therefore, is the connection between the prosthesis and bone-anchored implant.

Crown: Once the process of osseointegration has been completed, dentists can replace the prosthesis for the final crown, which will be the element that functions to completely replace a person’s missing teeth. To save time, many patients choose immediately loaded implants, which allow them to jump from one phase to another in the same day.

Tooth implant surgery in Westcliffe has become the ideal solution for any patient with one or more missing teeth. In fact, it is virtually the only treatment option that suits the needs of everyone.