3 Ways to Prevent an Emergency Dental Visit

You may not always be aware of them, but your teeth play an important role in your daily life. When you eat, they help you chew. When you smile, they help you glow. These, and other activities, are second nature, and you may not directly think about your teeth until the day you bite down on a chewy piece of delicious dessert only to be greeted by pain. An emergency dentist in the Chicago Loop, can assess the situation and offer solutions to alleviate the pain.

Here are three ways you can prevent an emergency visit to your dentist.


At some point in your life, you have heard that you are supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day. It may sound boring, but proper brushing is the first step to preventing cavities and an emergency visit to your dentist’s office. Toothbrushes have evolved as technology has disrupted several industries. Toothbrushes with timers, replaceable heads and Bluetooth capabilities may help make the process easier for you.


Most dental experts will recommend proper flossing as part of your at-home teeth cleaning routine. When you floss, you are lifting and loosening plaque, food and bacteria that may be hanging out in-between your teeth and on your gums. By caring for your gums, you are preventing build-up that leads to bleeding and swelling. Unhealthy gums can easily lead to an emergency dental visit, or worse.

Water Flossing

Flossing with water is another trick that helps thoroughly clean your teeth and gums. The pressurized water is great for removing food that is stuck in-between your teeth in areas that are difficult to reach.

Even if you habitually care for your teeth, the need for a root canal can still occur. For an emergency dentist in the Chicago Loop, Pure Dental Spa can help.