The Need for Preventive Dentistry Ridgewood NJ

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Dental Care, Dentistry

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Oral health is usually not a great priority for most people, especially with the recent cuts made in Medicaid adult dental coverage. But studies show that oral health has a significant effect on overall health, so it would make sense to give importance to dental care. The saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure applies to most things, but especially in oral health. That is why preventive dentistry in Ridgewood NJ is something that should be looked into on a regular basis.

Many dental problems are caused by plaque buildup between the teeth resulting from incorrect or insufficient teeth brushing and flossing. It is therefore the dentist’s first priority to instruct a patient the proper way to clean the teeth.

Types of Preventive dentistry

The key concept in preventive dentistry is prevention, so the focus is on heading off trouble at the pass. The skill of the dentist in this case is the ability to discern signs of trouble through a thorough work-up, shrewd diagnosis and skillful analysis of a patient’s oral hygiene routines.

Procedures that may be offered for preventive dentistry include:

1. Oral Prophylaxis

2. Amalgam and dental fillings

3. Composite fillings

4. Tooth extraction

5. Root canal therapy

6. Scaling and root planing

7. Dental x-rays

8. Sealant treatment

9. Oral surgery

10. Bridgework and dentures

As a bonus, some clinics may have advanced diagnostic processes that will help in diagnosing potential problems such as:
1. Intra-Oral Photography

2. DIAGNOdent Laser (enables early detection of tooth decay)

Cases where preventive dentistry in Ridgewood NJ apply

Maintaining one’s oral health is not all that complicated, but it does have to be done periodically. The American Dental Association recommends that everyone should have a teeth cleaning and check-up every 6 months, and all dental caries should be treated at once. In some cases, it may be necessary to refer a patient to a specialist when complex procedures outside the purview of preventive dentistry in Ridgewood NJ are indicated.

Preventive dentistry in Ridgewood NJ is readily available, although as in most medical professions, the skill and experience of the dentist will determine the quality of the service. Not all dentists are created equal even if they are board-certified, so it always pays to do some research prior to agreeing to any procedure. When in doubt, get a second opinion.

Keep your dental costs low and teeth healthy by investing in preventive dentistry in Ridgewood NJ. For more information on how to maintain oral health,

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