A Dentist in Mauricetown May Be Able To Reinsert Your Tooth If It Gets Knocked Out

hen you have a tooth that has been knocked out, it is important that you get to an Emergency Dentist as soon as possible. If you have the tooth a Dentist in Mauricetown may be able to reattach the tooth and prevent permanent tooth loss. As soon as you realize that your tooth is missing you should try to locate it. Be very careful when you pick it up though. You never want to pick the tooth up by the root or the Dentist in Mauricetown may not be able to reattach it for you.

If the tooth is dirty try to rinse it off carefully. You can place it under a gentle trickle of water to rinse it off, or place it in a cup of cool water to clean it off. Once it is clean you can either place it in a container of milk, or cool water to preserve the tooth for transport. You can also place the tooth in your mouth, either under your tongue or between your gum and your lip. In some cases you may also be able to reinsert the tooth directly into the socket, especially if the tooth is clean and you can see the socket clearly.

You should also swish a bit of water around in your mouth to wash out the blood that might be present. You may need to bite down on sterile gauze if the wound is bleeding too much. Change the gauze as often as necessary to keep the wound clean. You should get yourself and the tooth to your dentist as quickly as possible to prevent permanent damage to the tooth.

Once you are at the Dentist in Mauricetown he will look at the tooth to ensure that it is still in good shape, with the root intact. If it is, he may be able to reinsert the tooth back into the socket. The tooth should reconnect with the bone so, which will mean that you will not lose the tooth permanently. It is important to note that most dentists will not attempt to reinsert a baby tooth.


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