A Quick Checklist for Finding the Right Pediatric Dentist in Chino

Finding the right pediatric dentist for your child will likely take a bit more work than finding a dentist for an older individual who is more comfortable with visiting a dental office. Not only should the dentist be able to take good care of your child’s teeth, but also, he or she should have the skills and patience necessary to make each visit fun and relaxed for your child.

Having good early experiences with the dentist will help lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth. But unless you know what qualities a pediatric dentist in Chino should have, finding the right practitioner for your child can be difficult. This is why we have put together a quick checklist of the characteristics you should expect from a professional child dentist.

Where to Find Pediatric Dentists

There are a lot of different resources you can use to find the best dentists that specialize in caring for children in and around Chino.

  • Ask your child’s pediatrician for a referral
  • Obtain names and phone numbers from friends and family members
  • Go online and look for local dentists
  • Look into listings for medical centers, dental schools and private practices
  • Check out the AAPD’s pediatric dentist search tool

What Training and Care Can They Provide

Once you have a list of potential dentists for your child, it is then time to start asking about their training, qualifications, and the care that they provide.

  • Dentists who specialize in caring for children’s teeth should have spent an additional two years of residency training
  • The dentist should have working knowledge in helping parents deal with dental-impacting habits such as pacifier use and thumb sucking
  • The dentist should be able to perform oral exams and provide risk assessment for cavities, gum disease and orthodontics in infants and toddlers as well as kids and teens
  • The dentist should be able to repair tooth cavities and care for fractured teeth displaced teeth
  • The dentist should be able to provide preventative dental care such as regular cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants

Dentists that specialize in caring for a child’s teeth should also educate both parents and children on how they can properly care for teeth at home. This will include educating kids and parents on how certain foods and drinks can affect the teeth, how parents can provide dental care for an infant, and when parents can expect their child’s permanent teeth to begin coming in.

The Atmosphere of the Practice

Finally, consider whether or not the practice is a kid-friendly zone.

  • Hands-on toys should be available in the waiting room
  • The staff should be friendly, upbeat and positive
  • The dentist and the staff should be patient, caring and understanding of your child

See how the dentist and the staff respond to your child. One who is warm and responsive to your child and who explains to your child what he or she should expect during the visit is one whom your child will learn to trust and they may come to look forward to seeing at each checkup.