A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words

Besides happiness, a person’s smile is a reflection of many other things. A smile is a mark of confidence; it also depicts the health of the person. If your smile shows teeth which are misaligned and crooked, then it is time for a visit to the orthodontist in Chicago. These are absolutely no reasons why you should have to smile and laugh behind your hand, there is a straight forward, affordable solution to your dilemma readily available.
What is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist in Chicago is a dental professional who specializes in straightening teeth. To accomplish this, the orthodontist turns to traditional metal braces and retainers or the ever more popular invisible aligners. As well as straightening teeth, the orthodontist corrects over and under bites and teeth alignment. These professionals have received specialized training; they fix teeth irregularities which result in a far more confident smile. Many people seek the help of an orthodontist because they are embarrassed with the condition of their teeth while in other cases people seek help with a hereditary overbite. After your first consultation with the orthodontist you will know what has to be done to straighten your teeth to perfection.

What does an orthodontist do with teeth?

The orthodontist has a number of procedures that are available to him or her to straighten teeth. One of the appliances which are rapidly gaining in popularity is the use of invisible braces. This concept consists of a series of clear plastic aligners, each one a little bit different than the others. About every two weeks the next aligner in the series is used, slowly aligning the teeth in accordance with the original plan made by the dentist.

Traditional metal braces are still the most common way employed to straighten teeth. To have braces fitted properly the orthodontist in Chicago goes through a number of steps in preparation. First, spaces must be created between the teeth, once the braces are in place on the individual teeth the orthodontist tightens them so they begin their long drawn out task of aligning the teeth. You will have to exercise strict oral care and for this your dentist will provide you with a special tooth brush, this will allow you to remove all food particles from around the wires. The entire process takes about two years and after that you will wear a retainer at night for some time to ensure the teeth do not lose the location they are now in.

A straight smile is a healthy and confident smile. Rather than hiding your teeth your hand or simply refusing to smile, it’s best that you visit your orthodontist in Chicago and learn more about what options are available to you.

There are a few people who are born with perfect teeth, the rest usually have to visit the orthodontist in Chicago to get the smile they hope for. You are invited to contact Dental Magic to discuss what you can do to get the perfect smile.