Learn More About Dental Implants in Rockland County NY

by | Dec 26, 2014 | Dentistry

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Having gaps in your smile where teeth once were can cause you to feel self-conscious about your appearance. Whether you lost your teeth because of injury, cavities or gum disease, you need to be aware there are options for tooth replacement. Through Dental Implants Rockland County NY, you can have your missing teeth permanently replaced so they become a part of your smile. Since they look and function like your natural teeth, they will blend in perfectly so no one can tell you have had work done.

There are two phases to getting Dental Implants Rockland County NY. The first part is surgery for placement of metal anchors. Metal anchors are crucial for your artificial teeth to be able to work properly. Without these anchors, you will not be able to use your teeth to chew your food.

The placement of the anchors must be carried out before your teeth are put in. The anchors will need time to bond with your bone tissue, so you will need to go through a waiting period before any further work is done. This waiting period will vary depending on your health and age. It normally takes between three and six months to be accomplished.

Once you have your anchors firmly seated, you can go through the next phase of getting Dental Implants Rockland County NY. This is where the dental artistry comes in. Your dentist will work to place each artificial tooth at the correct angle and depth so they look natural in your mouth. This takes time to ensure your smile looks as beautiful as possible.

When all of your teeth in place, you will be able to have full function again. Though you will need to avoid chewing on hard candies and non-food items, most foods will be able to be enjoyed again. Since these teeth look just like your own, you can finally enjoy having a restored smile.

If you are in need of Dental Implants Rockland County NY, contact your dentist and schedule a consultation appointment. This will allow you to learn if implants will benefit your smile so you can get started on the process.

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