All About Fluoride and Teeth Whitening in Bellmawr

If you are looking for a way to make your smile more attractive, and you live in the state of New Jersey, you may want to consider getting Teeth Whitening in Bellmawr, New Jersey. Deptford Family Dental, where you can find a Cosmetic Dentist, does Teeth Whitening in Bellmawr and wants to tell you about teeth whitening and fluoride.

Getting your teeth whitened is popular to do but should not be the only concern you have about your teeth. Fluoride plays a critical part in the longevity of your teeth. It is known that fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay which not only affects the health of your teeth, but is part to blame for aesthetically challenged teeth in your mouth as well. The fluoride going into your teeth slows down the tooth enamel breakdown process, simultaneously increasing the remineralization in your teeth. The new crystals that form on the enamel as a result of this remineralization are harder and more aggressive in resisting acid on your teeth.

Three regular sources of fluoride are in toothpastes and mouth rinses with fluoride and drinking water that is fluoridated. If the case is that your water is not fluoridated, your dentist may recommend you to increase the fluoride-to-teeth intake by using a toothpaste or mouth wash with a fluoride concentrate, or using fluoride gels, tablets or drops. Ensure that your fluoride intake is enough to offset any side effects that may come with teeth whitening agents, which sometimes can weaken the enamel. In fact, dentists have given prescription fluoride gels or tablets as an insurance buffer for their patients’ teeth.

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