Are you in the market for a crown?

A dental crown is a cap shaped like a natural tooth that covers your tooth. There are many reasons for someone to need a crown put into place. Keeping the strength and appearance of the teeth is important to most people, this is why they often choose to use crowns instead of risking the loss of a weakened tooth. Most dentists can do crowns in their office, making it a time efficient and often times painless procedure.

Reasons you may need a crown

Dental crowns are used for many things. One reason you may need a crown is to protect an already weakened tooth from cracking or breaking. They are also used to restore teeth that are worn down or broken. In some cases, crowns can be used to cover a filling that has been done to a tooth that is worn or doesn’t have much tooth left. Often times crowns are used to hold dental bridges in place or to cover severely discolored teeth or to cover a dental implant. If you find yourself facing any of these issues, then you may be in the market for dental crowns in Chesterfield.

The Procedure

Placing a crown on a tooth normally requires two trips to the dentist. The first visit is used for an examination and to prepare the tooth for the crown. This often times means taking x-rays to check the root of the tooth. Filing of your tooth as well as impressions are also done. Your next visit, is when the crown itself is actually placed using anesthetic. Receiving a crown can be a painless task if you find the dentist you feel safest with. Calling the professionals at Chesterfield Family Dentistry should be your first step in making the best of any dental procedure. Follow us on google+.