Ask Your Dentist in Mason About Laser Dentistry

by | Aug 27, 2014 | Dentistry

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When you go to choose a Dentist In Mason, you may wish to consider one making use of laser technology. Dentistry has come a long way over the past few decades, and laser technology is just one way a Dentist In Mason may choose to improve his or her services. Afinia Dental has opted to offer this type of service as it delivers a number of benefits. Here are some to consider when determining if laser dentistry is right for you.

Many aren’t aware that high speed drills used in traditional dentistry may actually harm the teeth they are designed to fix. Fractures and hairline cracks aren’t uncommon in teeth when the high speed drill is used, and this damage can lead to problems in the future. With laser dentistry the risk of damage is significantly reduced and trauma is minimized.As no drill is used, the need for anesthesia decreases and one may be able to avoid pain medication completely.

Laser dentistry requires fewer cuts, therefore soft tissue procedures, or those done on the gums, involve very little bleeding. Post-op swelling is also reduced in this situation.This technique may be used for a number of procedures also, including cavity preparation, smile design, root canals, and decay removal, making the entire visit less painful. Pain usually occurs when a drill is used as it produces heat, pressure, and vibration. This isn’t the case when laser dentistry is selected.

Surrounding areas are less likely to be affected when a laser is used to remove tooth decay, gum tissue, or bone. This allows you to keep more of the natural tooth, which benefits you in a variety of ways. In addition, the laser may be used to treat periodontal disease, by removing diseased, inflamed, or infected gum tissue.

The dentist needs to assess your current oral health to determine if laser dentistry will be right for you. Many find it is exactly what they need to improve their overall oral health. Even those who dread going to the dentist may find they don’t mind going in for checkups or dental work as the laser makes the entire procedure easier. Speak to your dentist today to learn more about laser dentistry and how it may be of help to you. Visit website for professional dentists in Mason.

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