Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Dental

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Experts recommend an orthodontic evaluation for a child when she has her first permanent tooth. This examination can determine if your child has any abnormalities in the mouth that require early treatment. In addition to a visual examination, the orthodontist in Downers Grove, IL, will collect medical images of your child’s face to understand if there are any problems with the jawbone or palate. If a child has a problem such as a chin that is receded or a palate that is too small, then treatment with headgear or palate expanders is necessary.

Customized Braces

However, most children don’t have these serious dental health issues, but you may learn that your child will require braces in the future. An orthodontist in Downers Grove will offer several types of braces, including affordable metal braces. In addition, there are color-matching ceramic braces with clear wires or braces that are worn on the backs of the teeth. Wearing braces can improve your child’s facial appearance, but it also improves your child’s bite so that she can talk properly and chew healthy foods. The treatment plan for braces usually lasts from two to four years.

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After your child has her braces removed, the orthodontist in Downers Grove will provide a customized retainer that your child might wear 24-hours a day, or in some cases, a child only needs to wear the device at night. This is to keep the teeth from moving back to the wrong positions after the braces are removed. Most patients wear a retainer for one year after the treatment with braces ends. There are removable and fixed retainers, so you should follow your orthodontist’s advice concerning the best type for your child’s mouth. Visit the Oakbrook Orthodontics website to learn more about braces.

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