Choose An Affordable Cosmetic Dentist In Centralia, WA

Cosmetic dentistry includes performing services related to the overall aesthetic of someone’s smile and the quality of their facial appearance. However, a Cosmetic Dentist in Centralia Wa, actually helps patients do a lot more than just improve their smile. Having dental services performed by a cosmetic dentist can enhance a person’s appearance while also aiding biting posture and digestion.

Poor Biting Posture

The alignment of a person’s teeth has a lot to do with their appearance and their biting posture. Crooked teeth or a poor biting posture may be referred to as “malocclusion” by dentists and orthodontists. Malocclusion is often considered a cosmetic problem because it can seriously affect a person’s appearance and sense of self-esteem. However, severe malocclusion can actually impair a person’s ability to chew food well and speak properly. Severe malocclusion can lead to future oral health complications, such as jaw pain or even advanced tooth decay. A Cosmetic Dentist in Centralia Wa, can help treat malocclusion to avoid future complications. The patient will experience an enhanced smile and be healthier overall after visiting a cosmetic dentist for this condition.

Digestive Complications

While it may seem obvious to some patients, poor biting posture can actually lead to digestive complications. A person’s teeth absolutely play a role in how well the body is able to digest food because the first step of digestion actually begins in the mouth. Saliva is produced when a person is chewing food. The saliva reacts with the food, producing enzymes that begin to slowly break down the food into usable nutrients and energy for the body. It may sound absurd, but malocclusion can actually be a contributing factor for heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and ulcers.

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