Choosing a Quality Dentist in Edison

Every family should have a family dentist they can count on for all their dental care needs. This includes the prevention of cavities and gum disease, restoration of teeth, cosmetic services, emergency dental care, and early detection for oral cancer and other dental issues. A quality Dentist in Edison, New Jersey can provide you with full-service dentistry for the whole family. The following treatments are what you can expect from a dentist.

  Dental exams and cleanings – Two important forms of preventative dentistry are regular exams and teeth cleanings. These are the two regular services you are most likely to use for your whole life. Exams help detect problems early and prevent serious dental issues. Dental exams may include x-rays, cancer screenings, and other diagnostic tests.

  Sealants and fluoride – Most dentists use sealants on your child’s 12-year molars to protect them from decay. It is a preventative measure that is only used once in most cases. Fluoride treatments are for people with problem teeth that are weak and susceptible to decay. These treatments are done as needed. Your Dentist in Edison will let you know if and when these treatments are needed.

*   Fillings and crowns – Fillings are used on teeth with cavities. Silver or tooth-colored fillings are used accordingly to protect the affected tooth as well as the surrounding teeth. Crowns are metal covers used when fillings will not do the job. Tooth-colored covers are called caps and they are used for cosmetic as well as protective purposes.

*   Tooth replacement – If you lose an adult tooth your dentist may recommend partial dentures, a fixed bridge, or dental implant depending on the circumstance. Tooth loss can occur due to injury, accident, or lack of care.

  Wisdom tooth extraction – The general consensus is that wisdom teeth are unnecessary teeth. Most of the time your Dentist in Edison will recommend extraction for wisdom teeth as soon as your child gets them. This is oral surgery that comes with special after care instructions to use at home.

If your teeth and gums are healthy and you take care of them, you reduce the risk of gum disease and serious dental problems. Over the years dental technology and advancements have helped more people keep their natural teeth longer than in past generations. Whether you need an Emergency Dentist, General Dentist, Implant Dentist, or Cosmetic Dentist, Business Name can help.