What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening In Howell

The great debate over whether patients should receive Teeth Whitening in Howell treatments is an on-going discussion in dental practices. Patients weight the odds associated with costs and benefits when making this decision. Whether they are effective or safe is a common consideration among dental patients. The truth is patient results vary and some conditions are not favorable for these treatments, consulting a dentist beforehand is vital to determine who should or should not receive them.

The Most Common Side Effects

Sensitivity within the first 24-hours after the Teeth Whitening in Howell treatments are the most common side effect. Patients are advised to take pain-relieving medications such as acetaminophen to help with irritation. Any patient who experiences pain or irritation beyond a 24-hour period should contact an Emergency Dentist. Alternatively, some patients do consider refraining from receiving these treatments due to this heightened sensitivity; however, it is equal to the same levels produced by at-home whitening toothpastes.

Among the most common side effects associated with at-home whitening treatments are soft-tissue irritation. These kits unlike professional treatments do not present the patient with a protective barrier that will prevent access to the gums. Any portion of the solution that leaks onto gums can cause significant irritation. At-home treatments present a higher probability of the consumer swallowing some of the product, which could lead to vomiting or nausea.

Who Should Avoid The Treatments?

It is advised that any women that are pregnant or nursing should refrain from receiving Teeth Whitening in Howell treatments. The chemicals within the solution are potentially dangerous to fetuses and infants. Dentists do not provide whitening treatments for patients with teeth that have existing fillings, crowns, cavities, or exposed roots. The treatments are harmful to these individuals and may produce significant damage.

How Often Should Patients Receive Treatments

Dentists warn against the harm associated with over-whitening teeth. It is a cosmetic treatment Howell and like other procedures, it is often abused by patients. Patients should follow the advice of their dentist to determine at what intervals they should receive the treatments.

Proper monitoring of tooth enamel between treatments eliminates the possibility of weakened tooth enamel, which could lead to tooth loss. Lakewood Family Dental is an office that provides quality teeth whitening services as well as general dental services. This office also has an Emergency Dentist, cosmetic dentist, and other dental professionals provide you with full-service dental care.



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