Choosing Your Dentist In Elk Grove Village

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Dental

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Choosing the right dentist in Elk Grove Village is a very important step in your overall health care. Many people make the mistake of thinking that taking the time to choose their dentist carefully is not that important. A lot of people do not consider the importance of good oral health and how it affects your overall health. A good relationship with your dentist is a very important part of your health care.

Teeth and Digestion

When you consider that your teeth are not really just for smiling and giving people the impression that you are happy to see them, it can put into perspective how important choosing the right dentist is. Your teeth are:

   *   The first part of your digestive system

   *   An important part of the bone structure in your face

   *   Can impact your speech

   *   Can impact your overall health

The first bite of food that you take starts the digestive process. When your teeth are not doing their job than the rest of your body cannot do its job. When you cannot chew your food effectively your body cannot convert the food to important nutrients and energy.  Bad teeth can cause digestive problems.

Your Bones

Teeth are like place holders; they keep your bone structure healthy. Your upper and lower jaw are dependent on your teeth to keep the bone alive and well.

Speech Issues

Improper alignment of the teeth can cause speech difficulties.

Your Overall Health

The right dentist knows that your teeth have a psychological connection to your level of confidence and they also can seriously affect your health. An infected tooth can make you very sick, the infection can spread to other areas, you can run fevers from it and have to deal with serious complications.  Dr. Homann at Brian Homann, DDS is the dentist you should be considering so that you can take your oral health seriously.

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