Dental Implants in Jackson, MI Function as Natural Tooth Roots Do

Dental Implants in Jackson MI, are a welcome alternative to a full set of dentures. They are easy to care for, requiring the usual brushing and flossing that natural teeth do. They have a very high success rate, meaning patients don’t experience problems with the implants, and the rod fuses with the jawbone as it should. This fusing process is medically known as osseointegration. Implants also have a very high patient satisfaction rate, which isn’t the case with dentures.

To be successful with dental implants, a patient must have a certain amount of jawbone density and strength. Bone density, in general, can be reduced due to osteoporosis, which is more common in older women. If any teeth have been missing for a long time, the jawbone may have deteriorated there because no tooth roots were keeping it stimulated. Without that stimulation, it’s natural for the body to begin reabsorbing the bone. The body senses that bone is no longer necessary in this area.

An oral surgeon often can graft bone to the jaw area and rebuild the necessary density and strength. This is a more intensive process, but it’s well worth it for a patient who needs artificial teeth. Now those implants have a strong, solid place where they can be anchored.

People who need a full set of false teeth tend to prefer Dental Implants in Jackson MI because those devices don’t need to be removed and soaked for cleaning. The patient is never without teeth in the mouth. The implants aren’t jarred loose by vigorous chewing the way dentures can be.

Dentists particularly recommend implants not only for these reasons but for medical ones as well. With implants functioning as tooth roots, the jawbone maintains its density. Patients appreciate this effect because otherwise, a deteriorating jawbone gradually leads to shrinking of the mouth and a caved-in appearance. This makes the person look older than he or she actually is.

An oral surgeon such as Cynthia Rider can place a full set of implants and restore a patient’s mouth to its full functioning and more youthful appearance. Interested persons may look at more info on dentist’s website.