Dentist in Keyport

Most people recognize the benefits in taking care of their health, but tend to neglect dental health. Hazlet Family Dental, the Dentist in Keyport, makes going to the dentist so easy, you’ll have no reason not to. Hazlet Family Dental is a general, cosmetic, and implant dentist that cares about the health of your teeth and gums. They offer a comprehensive oral exam, full mouth series of x-rays, cleaning and polishing, oral cancer screening, and an evaluation of your gums that is surprisingly affordable.

Cosmetic dentistry offers solutions to improve confidence by allowing you to feel proud of your smile. No one wants to feel embarrassed of their smile in social and professional situations, and a beautiful smile goes a long way. Hazlet Family Dental is a Teeth Whitening Dentist offering a special for in-office whitening treatments using Ultradent Boost Whitening. You don’t want to trust your teeth with strips, pens, or some random product you found on the internet; you only get one smile, and these professionals can ensure safety and results from your whitening treatment.

The Dentist in Keyport also offers bonding, smile makeovers, and veneers to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Adults and teens will love Invisalign Clear Braces because it straightens teeth just as effectively as traditional braces without the “metal mouth” look. For people with missing teeth, dental implants can provide a solution that looks just like natural teeth and makes you feel good about your smile again. Dental implants are used to fix dentures, for single tooth replacement, multiple teeth replacements, fixed bridges, and denture stabilization.

At Hazlet Family Dental, a Dentist in Keyport is available for same day services with or without appointment. They provide emergency dental services for chipped teeth, root canals, emergency extractions, and denture repairs, providing peace of mind that someone will be there when you need dental services now. They offer easy online scheduling, Saturday hours for your convenience, and a wide range of payment options to ensure all your needs are met on your budget.

They accepts all traditional insurances, PPO insurances, all major credit cards, New Jersey Family Care Programs, Reduced Fee Program through the Liberty Program, Union Programs, and in-house financing through CareCredit. Ability to pay should never be a reason to neglect dental care, and Hazlet Family Dental will make sure you get the services you need on your budget.

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