Dentist in Pine Brook and Cosmetic Dentistry

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Dental Services

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Cosmetic treatments for your teeth encompass things like teeth whitening, veneers, and bonding. All these solutions help make your smile more attractive. Most of the time these treatments and procedures are not covered by insurance since they are considered unnecessary, but in some instances some cosmetic dental care may be covered. Your Dentist in Pine Brook can help you with cosmetic procedures and treatments whether they are covered by insurance or not. Most dentists provide a payment plan for their patients.

Cosmetic Dentistry is designed to provide patients with a better smile which in turn boosts their self-esteem. These things are important to a better quality of life. When you feel good about yourself, others see you as strong and confident. Making a good impression is important to most people and especially for those who deal with the public on a regular basis.

Your Dentist in Pine Brook can provide you with the cosmetic dental care personalized to your needs. Here is a basic overview of the cosmetic treatments and procedures your dentist provides.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a very common cosmetic process. It’s also referred to as dental bleaching and is used to reduce or eliminate external tooth stains. Coffee, tea, smoking, and other foods and beverages cause your teeth to become stained. That is when teeth whitening can help whiten and brighten your smile.


Your Dentist in Pine Brook may also provide veneers which are placed over teeth to make them appear more attractive. Porcelain veneers are good for discolored teeth that cannot be helped with teeth whitening, chipped teeth, or otherwise unsightly teeth. This option is also good for gaps between teeth.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is also used for covering up gaps, discolored teeth, and broken or decayed teeth. This is a less expensive option that can last for as long as 10 years or more as long as you take care of your mouth. Bonding often prevents the need to extract an otherwise unhealthy tooth. This can also make your teeth look straight without braces.

These are the basics of cosmetic dental services your Dentist in Pine Brook can offer. If you are not a good candidate for these solutions, dental implants, crowns, fillings, and other dental care solutions will be provided. Your dental care options will be personalized to your needs.

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