How Dentists on Television Shows Relate to Real Life

When it comes to popular televisions shows, dentists and the work they do are sometimes shown frequently. Society is fascinated with self improvement, and anything related to the medical field makes for excellent TV watching. Sometimes the dentists who appear on television are just fictional characters and others are real and very well known. Fear of the dentist is wide spread, and by watching them on TV, views can see that they are not so bad. When someone is looking for a dentist in South Loop, IL having seen one on TV may reduce those fears.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight

Dentists are no stranger to reality television. On the hit series, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, dentists were frequently highlighted. If you are looking for a good dentist in South Loop, IL this may have been a good show to watch to help you dismiss any fears you have of the profession. On the show, there were ten different sets of teeth that frequently visited the dentist and the orthodontist. Some episodes highlighted the dentist at work on the little ones performing routine cleanings, and others showed the eldest daughter visiting the orthodontist. Kate frequently discussed having to wear braces during adulthood and Jon’s late father was a career dentist.


The hit comedy show Seinfeld had a dentist in many episodes. The characters name was Tim Whatley. His character was often reoccurring, and he took part in many different funny incidents. The show’s star once accused the character of having converted to Judaism in an insincere manner. Elaine accused him of re-gifting a baby gift from Label Baby Jr. In many scenes, Whatley’s dental expertise was the focus. Once he compared the impressions made by teeth on a pencil for George. Elaine frequently received free dental work from him. Whatley once made Jerry wonder if he had ever been violated while under anesthesia when dental work was being performed.

Extreme Makeover

A real life dentist who appeared on a reality television series is Bill Dorfman. He has appeared on a hit reality series known as Extreme Makeover. On this show, Dr. Dorfman gave several contestants very extreme dental type makeovers. While on the show, he performed numerous procedures. The most common procedure was the application of porcelain veneers on contestants. He also performed several fast teeth whitening procedures. Both of these procedures helped to improve the contestants smile. Additionally to help improve the appearance of contestants they also underwent various plastic surgery procedures, as well. In 2007, the show was cancelled. Reruns still run on cable television programming today.