Dentists in Lumberton, TX Offer Air Abrasion for Fearful Patients

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Dental Care

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If you are fearful of the dental drill, then you may consider seeing a dentist who uses air abrasion to remove dental decay. The tool that is used blows a stream of aluminum oxide particles onto the tooth that is being repaired. The particles in turn bounce off and blast away the decay.

When Air Abrasion Is Used

Air abrasion is usually used to prepare tooth surfaces for natural-looking composite fillings. The technique also assists in the repair of discolored teeth or cracks and is used to prepare teeth for bonding. The process is recommended for repairing chipped or fractured teeth and for preparing teeth for cosmetic procedures. In addition, dentists in Lumberton, TX use the tool to remove spots and stains and support the repairs of old sealants and fillings as well as broken bridges and crowns.

Therefore, Lumberton dentists who have received training in restorative dentistry are now using air abrasion to treat dental patients. Air abrasion is especially well-received by children who are afraid of the dentist’s drill and needles. During the process, the dentist may ask you to wear protective glasses. A rubber dam may also be placed inside your mouth as well as around the site of the repair.

Benefits of the Technique

The process leaves dusty particles in the mouth that tend to feel gritty. However, these particles are harmless and can be rinsed away easily. To lessen the dusty buildup, dentists often use a water spray or vacuum hose during the treatment process. Because the procedure is virtually painless, the use of anesthetics is typically not necessary. In addition, no heat or vibrations are produced by the air abrasion system. The process also removes less of the tooth than a dental drill.

During teeth cleanings, dentists using the air abrasion tool can sometimes spot a small cavity and fill it at the same time. In addition, the treatment time is normally shorter than when a drill is used. However, air abrasion can cause some sensitivity in some teeth. Therefore, it is best used for smaller cavities versus cavities that are deep. Only composite fillings can be used in connection with the process. Silver fillings require the use of a drill.

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