Dentists Recommend Twice A Year Professional Cleaning

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Dentists

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One of the most common procedures that a Lakeview dentist undertakes is a dental cleaning. Dental cleanings rarely cause discomfort although a patient that has not had his or her teeth cleaned in quite some time may feel a little discomfort due to the additional scraping which may be required to completely remove the plaque buildup.

Dental cleanings take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour twice a year. The majority of the work is done by a dental hygienist, once the hygienist is finished the patient will be turned over to the dentist, the dentist will ensure that all plaque has been removed, at the same time the dentist will check to see if there is any evidence of gum disease or decay.

Rarely is it necessary to use any pain medication during a routine cleaning, although patients who tend to be anxious may be given nitrous oxide which relaxes the patient and as it has no lasting effect, the patient is free to leave and drive home immediately after the procedure.

There are a number of tools at the disposal of the dental hygienist, these include scalers, a high pressure water jet and a polisher or buffer. Scalers are shaped like small hooks; they are used to remove difficult plaque, a high pressure water jet is employed for the same purpose. Polishers are used to give the teeth a final buffing; they also remove any last remnants of plaque.

Once the patient has been turned over to the Lakeview dentist he or she can expect the dentist to ask about their dental hygiene routine at home. If there was a considerable buildup of plaque removed during the cleaning and the patients brushing and flossing habits are good then the patient may be asked to increase the cleaning from two to perhaps three times a year.

Normally a dental cleaning appointment concludes with scheduling any appointments that are necessary to deal with other dental services such as filling a cavity or perhaps extracting a wisdom tooth that is about to emerge.

Twice yearly dental cleanings are an essential ingredient in excellent dental health. Professional cleanings compliment the daily care that you give your teeth. Many people do not realize it but dental health is an important factor for overall health, dental cleaning should not be an afterthought, visiting your Lakeview dentist twice a year should be considered a priority to maintain excellent all around health.

Twice a year dental cleanings are a prerequisite for all around health. If you are looking for an expert Lakeview dentist you are invited to schedule an appointment with the Art of Modern Dentistry.

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