The Basics of Zoom Whitening Treatment in Ann Arbor MI

Zoom whitening is a tooth bleaching process that’s widely used to lighten discolorations in dentin and enamel. Discoloration can result from drinking tea, coffee, red wine and cola, as well as from smoking and the aging process. This in-office whitening process uses a chair-side lamp to accelerate results; as peroxide is broken down, oxygen gets into the enamel and the dentin to remove stains without affecting the structure of the tooth.

Treatment Planning And Consultation

Before a patient decides whether a Zoom Whitening Treatment in Ann Arbor MI is appropriate, their dentist will do a full examination of their gums and teeth. The dentist will also discuss the patient’s lifestyle and oral hygiene habits to determine whether they can benefit from the procedure. The pre-treatment evaluation will help the patient and their dentist agree on a whitening technique and product. During the evaluation, the dentist will note dental work such as veneers and crowns, which do not respond to whitening treatments.

The Procedure

The complete Zoom procedure takes under an hour, but a thorough cleaning should be done beforehand. The process begins with the gums and lips being covered, with teeth left exposed. The dentist applies the whitening gel, which works with the light to penetrate enamel and dissolve stains. The gel is left on the teeth for 15 minutes with the light activated, and treatment consists of three separate sessions. After treatment, a fluoride paste is applied to reduce tooth sensitivity.


The dentist will give the patient an at-home touchup kit including custom whitening trays. The patient should follow instructions carefully when using the kit. To maintain the effects of the Zoom Whitening Treatment in Ann Arbor MI, a dentist may advise the patient to avoid certain beverages and foods, or to enjoy them in moderation. Patients should maintain good oral hygiene to prevent the reformation of stains, and they should visit Washtenaw General Dentistry regularly.

Considerations For Zoom Whitening

During Zoom whitening treatments, some individuals may experience heightened tooth sensitivity. Zoom lights produce minimal heat, which is the main source of any discomfort. Some patients experience mild tingling right after treatment, but it dissipates quickly. Patients can ask their dentists for a special toothpaste that lessens post-treatment sensitivity. Click here for more details.