Differences Between Adult and Children’s Dental Care in Warrenton VA

Though your toddler may not even have all of his or her teeth yet, it is important that they see the dentist regularly. Dental care is significantly different for young children than it is for adults. Pediatric dentists work hard to prevent oral health problems that can plague adults for many years. Dentists who work with children receive special training to help them learn to recognize and correct dental problems in children. Because they focus on children’s dental care in Warrenton VA, pediatric dentists are often the best choice for families who have a history of dental problems or whose child has oral health issues.

Pediatric dentists are also trained in behavior management techniques to help their young patients relax while they get dental work done. Your child may be more comfortable with a compassionate and patient pediatric dentist than one who focuses on adult teeth. Dentists who focus on children are skilled at distracting their patients while they examine their teeth and gums. They may have video monitors and toys in the exam room to keep children occupied whereas adult dental offices are less likely to employ these methods to keep their patients calm.

Though adult dentists are able to examine, diagnose and treat children, they will sometimes refer young children to a pediatric dentist if they are anxious or they have a hard time sitting still during the exam or procedure. General dentists just don’t have as much experience working with young children and aren’t always able to calm a fidgety child. Because pediatric dentists work with children every day, your child is more likely to be relaxed in their office.

Finding Quality Children’s Dental Care In Warrenton VA may as simple as asking your pediatrician or another parent for a recommendation. The best pediatric dentists are well known among parents and general dentists. Many parents make their child’s first dental appointment with their family dentist only to find that they are perfect for adults but not the best fit for their child. If your dentist cannot care for your child, it just means that your child can benefit from the services of a children’s dental provider.

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